Betondag 2019


Betondag 2019

Visit TME at the Betondag 2019
Location: Ahoy, Rotterdam (NL)
Date: 14/11/2019

Betondag 2019 the 14th of november in the Van Nelle Factory

February 2019 – After 25 years in De Doelen, this year’s Betondag will be held on Thursday 14 November in the Van Nelle Factory in Rotterdam. The new location is the next step in a renewal process that the Concrete Association, in consultation with various stakeholders, started.

The Betondag is the event for the concrete industry. With a rich, knowledge-driven lecture programme, more than 130 exhibitors and over 2,000 national and international visitors, it offers a unique combination of knowledge, fair and networking opportunities. The day itself will be supported on a broad level with its own website, target-group-specific newsletters, various channels on social media and a digital knowledge platform. Thanks to this combination, the reach and reputation of the Betondag is unprecedented in the market for Dutch terms.

In order to guarantee the strength of the Betondag for the future, the Concrete Association has taken a step forward in terms of innovation. In addition to the alignment of content with the exhibitor and visitor groups, a new stand and catering concept was introduced last year. This not only gave the knowledge event a programmatic depth, but also made the exhibition floor more transparent and created even more space for networking moments. In addition, the registration procedure was adapted and the concrete app was introduced. It was already known that this innovation would continue; the choice of the Van Nelle Factory as a new location fits in well with this.

The choice of the Van Nelle Factory was preceded by an extensive selection procedure. Maikel Jagroep, director of the Concrete Association: “The Betondag has been a leading event in the Netherlands for more than 60 years. We want to secure this special position for the coming years as well. As a knowledge and training institute, we realise better than anyone that innovation is a prerequisite for survival. We do this annually with our training courses and therefore also with our seminars and congresses. The Betondag, as the showpiece for the concrete industry, is a logical first step. With the many innovations and the Van Nelle Factory as a new location, the Concrete Association expects to be able to fulfil its ambitions for the coming years.”

The choice for the Van Nelle Factory is appropriate in this respect. The new location is one of the best-known examples of The New Building and the New Business Architecture, which became popular in the 1920s. With reinforced concrete piles – at the time a Dutch first – and concrete, steel and glass as the most important building materials, it is a beautiful location for the Betondag 2019.

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