Rotary Drum Dryer

Drum dryer for the recycling process of plastics and paper.

For the recycling process of plastics and paper, TME B.V. delivered a rotary drum dryer for Smurfit Kappa Roermond Papier B.V. Reject out of the recycling process for paper will go through the drum dryer to bring the percentage of moisture back to at least 10%.

The drum dryer will be driven by 4 pieces of roller frames which been placed on a support frame below the drum dryer.  At the beginning of the rotary drum dryer the product will get in by a fall pipe in the front plate of the drum dryer. Near the fall pipe is the inlet for heated air which can reach temperatures up to 285 °C.

The product will be rotated by flights in the diameter of 3 meters during the complete 14 meters length of the construction to get the product well in to the heated air.

In the reject product out of the recycling process for paper, also not usable products will get In to the rotary drum dryer for this process. To get an effective uptime (99 %) of the machine, TME B.V. created a system in the outlet of the dryer to sort the usable materials out of the not usable materials.

When the usable reject reach the correct moisture, they will go further in the recycling process. The recycled reject will be pressed into pallets for the winning of energy in the power plants.

Key facts & figures

Scopeproject management, structural design and fabrication & assembly
Capacity5 ton per hour
DimensionsLength 14 meter swith a diameter 3 meters
MaterialPaper and plastic
Uptime installation99%
Product stream inPlastic, paper, and 40% moisture
Product stream outplastic, paper, and 5% moisture