Soft TP Cover

Countless transition pieces successfully protected by TME

The TP cover is a watertight and robust cover which serves to protect the transition piece, equipment and personnel from water and environmental agents (guano) during the building phase of an offshore wind farm.

Countless transition pieces for many offshore wind farms have successfully been protected by TME. The TP cover is able to withstand violent storms. Practice has learnt that the cover is water-resistance and that wind velocities over 11 BFT pose no problem.

The TP cover is designed to facilitate all cable laying requirements that must be executed prior to wind turbine installation. It also complies with all health and safety related requirements.

The TP cover is available in a soft- or hardcover model, and is always customized to comply with all project specific user requirements.

Windar Offshore SL teamed-up with TME for the design and fabrication of an aluminum TP cover for the Deutsch Bucht Offshore Windfarm. The hard cover comprises 10 wedge shaped elements. The water tightness is assured by creating positive and negative wedged-shaped parts. The negative parts have an upright rim on the edge which folds under the positive parts. The positive parts overlap the upright rim of the negative parts to create a fully closed top without any gaps.

The TP cover is stackable and transportable without the need of a lifting frame. This enables efficient storage and transportation, reduces offshore works to a minimum and eliminates the need for a costly lifting frame. Moreover, waste is reduced to a minimum. The stack can be hoisted by 4 lifting points on the bottom TP cover of the stack. A lifting frame is hence made redundant. The lifting points comply with DNV GL Offshore lifting guidelines.

Key facts & figures

Offshore Wind FarmWalney
Number of TP Covers87
Diameter6,2 meters
ScopeDesign and fabrication
Material900g/m2 Panama fabric (PVC), S355 hot dip galvanized steel frame
Water tightnessMeasured water resistance by hose test
Special featuresRetractable canvas cover