About TME

At TME we design and build tailored equipment for the offshore and bulk handling industry. We specialize in practical and reliable equipment used for preparing and installing offshore windfarms and for handling bulk materials.

We offer skilled mechanical and structural engineers, delivery on time, within budget and compliant with the highest quality and safety standards. We are your problem solver, from concept design up to commissioning and service.

TME History

TME originated as a metalworking company featuring a modest engineering department. Recognizing our potential to take on more substantial engineering challenges, we strategically pivoted towards the offshore and heavy duty bulk handling industry where we could leverage our expertise more effectively. The engineering department has since evolved into TME BV. A dedicated mechanical engineering entity that has been providing innovative engineering solutions tailored to the offshore and bulk handling industry for over a decade.

Having scaled-up from a fabrication outfit, we have learnt all there is to learn about the manufacturing process. This wealth of experience enables us to incorporate the most practical and cost efficient production techniques into our production drawings today.

TME Future

TME masters the vital art of translating functional requirements into the most practical and reliable solutions. We handpick mechanical and structural engineers for their innate talent to excel in this very critical skill.

This quality renders us flexible in response to market developments and innovations, empowering us to embrace great new challenges wherever they are demanded. TME will always be on the look-out for pioneering entities wanting to elevate industry standards.


If it has not been built before, it can be built by TME.

Talk to us, we listen.