Project Management

Our concern is to make sure that you have none.

Large, complex, multidisciplinary projects are coordinated by skilled project managers who’s main concern is to make sure that you have none.

We manage projects from concept design up to commissioning and service. We ensure delivery on time, within budget and compliant with the highest quality and safety standards.

System integration & turn-key solutions

We bring together components and controls and make sure they work together to provide a functional turn-key system.

Project documenting

Projects are thoroughly documented to provide good insight into all relevant project proceedings. Minutes of meetings are documented, actions and decisions are logged, safety and assembly plans are composed and all other relevant project proceedings are documented.

Factory acceptance testing (FAT)

To validate adherence to design specifications and safety standards, we provide comprehensive factory acceptance testing. Rigorous testing procedures guarantee a fully functional and secure system prior to the shipping phase.

Site acceptance testing (SAT)

To ensure a fully operational solution on-site, we provide site acceptance testing services. Prior to testing, we present an appropriate testing protocol for approval, and we deliver test results along with a well-defined action plan if needed. Our aim is to guarantee the functionality and effectiveness of the solution in the field.

Short response times

We recognize that projects are time sensitive and that accuracy is important. Our project managers own a project from beginning to end and are familiar with all project details. They communicate directly with our customers to ensure short response times, accurate communication and the successful conclusion of a project.


If it has not been built before, it can be built by TME.

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