In-house fabrication for short and reliable lead times.

TME has emerged from a metalworking company. We know all there is to know about the manufacturing process. This wealth of experience enables us to incorporate the most practical and cost efficient production techniques into our production drawings.

Furthermore, our in-house fabrication facility reinforces our commitment to ensuring short and dependable lead times.

In-house fabrication

Located just steps away, our in-house fabrication facility processes more than 12000 tons of steel each year for 500 different customers.

Short and reliable lead times

In-house fabrication enables us to deliver under great time constraints with short and reliable lead times. We have a monitored delivery reliability of 98%.

Offshore certified production

Our fabrication facility is ISO 9001:2015, ISO 3834-2 and EN 1090 certified. Our DNV-OS-C401 offshore certification enables us to weld structures for the offshore industry.

Efficient production techniques

Practical and cost efficient production techniques are incorporated into our production drawings. Our extensive know-how of the manufacturing process enables us to do so.


If it has not been built before, it can be built by TME.

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