Field Service

Professional support on site

We provide on-site installation, commissioning, and maintenance services, executed by our VCA** (SCC) certified service technicians who are equipped with certified gear.

Our commitment to safety is paramount, and we diligently implement all necessary measures to promote and maintain a healthy and safe working environment.


Our seasoned field technicians assemble components according to drawing.

To support safe and efficient operations during installation, legible and pragmatic installation plans are composed detailing working sequences and the requisite installation appliances.

Commissioning & Acceptance Testing

Our commitment is to ensure the seamless integration of all components and subsystems. Precise and thorough acceptance testing ensures both full functionality and safety before operations commence.

Maintenance & Repair

Reach out to us for all your maintenance and repair needs. Our dedicated team of motivated service technicians is at your service. Additionally, we provide proactive preventive maintenance solutions, utilizing structured and routine inspection and maintenance plans aimed at minimizing downtime and ensuring uninterrupted operations.


If it has not been built before, it can be built by TME.

Talk to us, we listen.