Hot mix asphalt storage bins

Ten hot mix storage bins for the storage of warm asphalt. Each with 130 tons storage capacity and fully isolated to prevent temperature loss.

Asphalt plant Menginstallatie Overijssel (MIO) produces asphalt for infrastructural projects throughout the Netherlands. They selected TME as their main contractor for the engineering and fabrication of ten storage bins to scale up storage capacity for warm asphalt.

Oxygen in the air around us reacts chemically with asphalt. It is this oxidation that causes mix to set up or harden. The better a storage bin keeps out oxygen, the longer asphalt can be stored.

The storage bins for the MIO will not be used for long storage in the coming years, but all provisions have been taken to prepare the storage bins for long storage. The storage bins are completely air tight and isolated with the best materials. The current discharge gates are interchangeable with completely air tight oil-seal gates thus enabling long storage.

The discharge gates and storage bins are lined with thick Hardox liner plates, for long operating times with minimal maintenance.

Key facts & figures

Scope Design, engineering, fabrication, project management, commissioning
Control system Miprotek
Storage capacity max. 1,300 Tons; 10 Bins of 130 Tons hot asphalt per bin
Additional provisions Prepared for long store


If it has not been built before, it can be built by TME.

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