Biomass Handling System

One of the largest European electricity producers, Uniper (the former E.ON Benelux) , selected TME as their main contractor in their endeavor to increase the environmental sustainability of their coal-fired power station located on the Maasvlakte. TME designed, built and installed a storage and transport system which enables Uniper to co-fire meat and bone meal (MBM). Meat and bone meal (MBM) is a CO2 neutral fuel, and hence a good candidate for substituting fossil fuels like coal.

TME delivered a safe and certified installation that enables the storage and transportation of the meat and bone meal from the storage facilities into the burners. The proficiency of our project and quality management was successfully tried by the comprehensive and challenging health, safety and environmental regulations that apply for power stations.

The installation comprises the following main components:

  • Pneumatic unloading facilities from road trucks and transport to storage silo’s
  • Storage silo’s
  • Rotating screw conveyors inside the silo’s, combined with rotary vane feeders for reclaiming the meat and bone meal from the silo.
  • Tube chain conveyors in combination with screw conveyors for transportation of the meat and bone meal from the storage silo’s to a bunker in the burner area (boiler room)
  • A bunker in the boiler room
  • Dosing equipment from the bunkers and transport into the burners by screw conveyors and four blowers
  • Extraction fans and piping from the silo’s and bunker to the boiler room, to eliminate emission of air pollutants

Key facts & figures

TME scope of work concept engineering, detail engineering, production drawings, fabrication, installation, project management
Storage capacity 2 x 600m3 (2 x 400 Tonnes)
Maximum supply capacity 13.6 Tonnes/hour
Conveyor length 60m horizontal + 30m vertical + 8m inclined
Regulations & Directives ATEX, VCA, General Safety Regulations EON Benelux N.V., CE marking


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