Mobile loader for ice removal

For an Ice Removal station at the Baltic Sea, TME B.V. delivered two mobile belt conveyors to Selmers Industrial B.V. Pipes with a diameter of 1.500 mm will pass a separate removal station and snow/ice will be removed from the pipes by spiked rollers. Removed snow/ice will be dropped in a hopper, whereafter it will be transported to the containers.

The belt conveyors are designed as standard sections (head, mid, and tail section) which results in a wide interchangeability of the different components. The belt frame is fabricated out of UNP profiles, with intermediate beams and cross braces of S235JR quality. On the belt frame troughed idlers are placed with a spacing of 1.000 mm (250 mm at the point of material impact). In the troughed idlers 3x Ø108 mm, maintenance-free labyrinth seals rollers are used.

The drive drum and the return drum are highly reliable and well proven in heavy-duty applications. The drive drum is covered with a profiled rubber. The drums are mounted on the base frame by means of axle blocks. The conveyor belts are tensioned by a static tensioning system on the reverse side of the conveyor belts.

Underneath the belt conveyor return idlers are placed. The return idlers had a diameter of Ø89mm with maintenance free labyrinth seals. Due to the difficult materials for the belt conveyor, with a length of 7 meters and a height of 2.5 meters, a ‘Chevron’ belt is chosen.

To get the belt conveyor closely connected to the hopper and container , it is possible to change the height on both supports in small steps. Also the belt conveyor is placed on heavy duty wheels to be completely mobile in every preferred position.


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