Portable Rooftops

TME was awarded the contract for six portable rooftops, with a 30 meter span, for a new closed storage facility at European Bulk Services BV (EBS).

EBS operates a terminal for the storage and transfer of various types of dry bulk materials in the Botlek area in Rotterdam. They constructed a new storage facility for agricultural bulk materials, fertilizers and minerals with a storage capacity of 60,000m3, six storage compartments and 5,600m2 floor area. Each compartment is loaded and unloaded through the roof, hence the necessity for portable rooftops.

The delivery scope entailed six portable roof tops, a platform around the roof’s perimeter and cage ladders to access the inner side of the storage facility. The portable roof tops are equipped with wheels driven by ATEX certified electric motors. They travel over a rack railway, mounted on the walls of the storage facility. The positioning of the rooftops is controlled by the crane operator.

To minimize dust deposition, a wind screen is incorporated into the design and all steel profiles have a 45 degree inclination. Moreover, the rooftops move independently from each other, keeping most compartments closed during (un)loading.

Given the expected storage of salt and other highly corrosive materials; the construction is compliant with the highest corrosive class. Glass fiber reinforced plastic is used for the platforms and cage ladders, and the steel work features the highest surface preparation grade to ensure a durable and long lifespan.
Sections weighing over 20 tons, were assembled on-site within a very limited time-frame and with very limited work space.

Key facts & figures

Scope project management, structural design and fabrication & assembly
Storage capacity 60,000 m3
Dimensions Length 22,9 x Width 15,1 x Height 17,7 meters
Corrosivity class C5-M
Surface preparation grade P3
Number of portable roofs 6
Rooftop weight 45 tons – 65 tons


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