Rotating Drum Dryer

For manufacturing asphalt, Gebroeders van der Lee, awarded TME the contract for a rotary drum dryer. Here, aggregates are dried and heated for further processing. For the manufacture of asphalt, it is necessary to withdraw all moisture from the base material to ensure bonding with the bitumen.

Designed at an appropriate inclination, the drum dryer transports the aggregate through the entire drum by rotating. Flights are affixed to the interior of the rotating drum. These are fin-like structures that pick-up the material from the bed of the drum and shower it through the steam of hot air produced by an integrated burner. Efficient positioning of the flights, create an optimal “curtain” of aggregates for the highest drying efficiency.

TME supplied the rotary drum dryer with an aggregate inlet conveyor, an isolated knock-out box with storage capacity. Also, a weigh hopper with reversible belt conveyor for dosing and transporting the heated aggregate in two opposite directions.

Key facts & figures

Drum dryer diameter 2,7 mtr
Drum dryer length 17 mtr
Driver 4 rollers on friction drive, 37kW each
Flight design Special flight pattern
Aggregate inlet conveyor capacity 250 tons/h
Storage capacity knock-out box Approx. 32 tons


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