Screening Plant

TME was contracted by Theo Pouw Secundaire Bouwstoffen BV for the engineering, fabrication and installation of a 120ton/h screening plant to separate building rubble into six re-usable material fractions.

Theo Pouw is a supplier of sustainable building materials and concrete products. Contaminated soil, building rubble and other demolition waste is crushed, sieved, washed and remediated for re-use in the construction industry.

The newly acquired screening plant is used to separate the rubble into six fractions, subsequent to being remediated in the thermal cleaner.
The delivery scope comprised the entire screening plant from the input of the rubble up to the six fraction output. Additionally, TME built and installed the building in which the screening plant is housed.

The screening plant consists of a high capacity hopper that is fed by wheel loaders. A supply belt, fed by the hopper, transfers the material into a bucket elevator which brings the material to the necessary height above the screening plant. Here it is transferred onto a conveyor belt which feeds a vibrating screen. This is the beginning of the separation process. The material is then led through classifiers, dewatering screens, optical and magnetic separators. The largest fractions are directed into storage bunkers underneath the screening plant. The smallest fractions are transported to storage silo’s by screw conveyors and elevators.


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