Veolia Recycling Plant

TME got awarded, the engineering, project management, production, and installation, of the equipment in the Veolia ADR plant, located in Paris, France. A recycling plant that has been awarded to Blue Phoenix. Blue Phoenix is a Rotterdam, the Netherlands, based company, that makes recycling installations. The recycling installations take residual ash, from waste to energy plants, and recycle it into useful materials. They work towards a future in which waste to energy plants are fully circular.

The engineering included the complete engineering process of the equipment from concept engineering, to the basic and detail engineering, until the final production engineering.

The scope of work included belt conveyors, hoppers and chutes, and the steel structures. The belt conveyors include conveyor belt covers, applied where possible. Belt scrapers are installed on each of the conveyors. The hoppers and chutes are designed with safety in mind, if there is a danger of personnel falling, it is equipped with a connection point, certified for a safety harness.  Long chutes are provided with rubber flaps to slow down the falling and sliding materials. The steel structures include platforms, walkways, and stairs. The structures are free of vibrations as far as possible. The platforms provide access to one side of the conveyor belt

Installation and project management are included. The project manager is involved in every aspect of the project. The project manager is very hands-on and closely involved they ensure delivery on time within budget and compliant with the highest quality and safety standards.
The installation happened with Mechanics from TME VCA** certified. The project manager or a TME mechanic was always on location during the installation.


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