Precast Concrete Mixing Plant

For the production of prefab concrete flooring units, Betonson – a subsidiary of the Van Nieuwpoort Groep – contracted TME for the design and construction of a precast concrete batching plant.

The concrete mortar produced in the batching plant is transported to the production facility for the flooring units by a duo rail traveling bucket with rotational discharge.

Premium concrete plants from concept to commissioning. From 3D computer aided design model to turn-key concrete plant integrated with electronics and operating software, ready for use. Optionally, TME can supply customized storage and distribution solutions for aggregates on the terrain.

TME is the perfect partner for next generation concrete plants, with high performance demands. We specialize in high accuracy proportioning and mixing technologies; and excel in environments with demanding health, quality and safety standards.

Key facts & figures

Concrete plant Betonson
Scope Engineering, fabrication, installation, controls and electronics
Concrete mixer Twin shaft Sicoma MAO 3000/2000
Lead time 4 months
Aggregate bins 500 ton storage capacity
Concrete Transport Duo rail traveling bucket with rotational discharge


If it has not been built before, it can be built by TME.

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