Storage Bunker Concrete Plant Meppel

For the concrete plant Meppeler Betoncentrale BV, TME BV takes care of the engineering, production, installation and commissioning of a new storage bunker.

The storage bunker is an important part of the concrete plant. A Chevron Conveyor Belt will be loaded by an external crane and will feed an almost 360 degrees rotating loading chute. The rotating chute will be deposed the bulk commodities in one of the six (6) different compartments in the storage bunker. At the bottom plate of the storage bunker a pneumatic driven dosing chute is placed under each compartment, which will deposed the bulk in a weighting hopper which is also renewed.

The new storage bunker with a maximum capacity of 400 ton and a total weight of 50 ton is engineered completely according to NEN-EN 1090 and the whole construction is placed after pre-assembly on the current steel foundations of the concrete plant.

After a period of only 2 weeks, TME BV changed the corroded old storage bunker for the completely pre-assembled new storage bunker, which has the global dimensions of 8.000 x 8.000 x 12.000 mm (L x W x H), by only one 500 ton telescopic crane.

Complete (dis)assemble and commissioning period of the storage bunkers is realized during the 4 weeks of summer stop at the concrete plant.

Scope project management, structural design and fabrication & assembly
Dimensions 8 x 8 x 12 meters
Weight 50 ton
Capacity 400 ton
Norm NEN-EN 1090-2 EXC-2


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