Vertical Injector

TME secured a significant contract from Van Oord Offshore Wind B.V. to develop a specialized vertical injector and quadrant. This innovative vertical injector plays a pivotal role in the installation of inter-array cables for the Windpark Fryslân, strategically positioned adjacent to the Afsluitdijk.

Positioned on the stern of the Tamuata barge, the vertical injector functions as a crucial burial tool, utilizing jetting nozzles to cut through the soil. TME's responsibilities encompass a comprehensive scope, including the design, engineering, fabrication, and installation of this essential component. Notably, the vertical injector has been meticulously designed and certified in adherence to DNV GL regulations as offshore handling equipment.

This cutting-edge system represents a vital component in the facilitation of cable installation for the Windpark Fryslân project, showcasing TME's expertise and commitment to driving innovative solutions in offshore wind technology.


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