At TME, we take pride in delivering innovative solutions that redefine industry standards. Last year, we collaborated closely with our esteemed client NKT to engineer, manufacture, assemble, and test a groundbreaking tool: the Vibrosword. Designed to revolutionize cable burying operations in the challenging environment of the Wadden Sea, the Vibrosword stands as a testament to our commitment to excellence and technological advancement.

The Vibrosword, a state-of-the-art tool, enables NKT to bury cables on the seabed, reaching depths of up to 5 meters. Utilizing vibration technology, this tool ensures optimal cable placement while minimizing environmental disruption.

What sets the Vibrosword apart is its versatility. In addition to vibration-based burying, it offers the capability for jetting across three different zones, allowing adaptability to varying seabed conditions with ease. Whether facing soft sediments or rocky terrain, the Vibrosword provides a comprehensive solution for cable burial challenges.

Furthermore, the Vibrosword's design allows for the simultaneous burial of two high-voltage cables and one fiber optic cable, maximizing efficiency and reducing project timelines.

With a minimum configuration height of 10 meters and a maximum of 20 meters, the Vibrosword offers flexibility in deployment, catering to diverse project requirements. Its robust design guarantee reliability and durability in even the most demanding marine environments.

Throughout the development process, our team at TME worked tirelessly to ensure every aspect of the Vibrosword met the highest standards of quality and performance. From conceptualization to execution, we remained dedicated to delivering a solution that exceeds expectations and drives tangible results for our clients.

The successful delivery of the Vibrosword underscores our commitment to pushing the boundaries of innovation in the offshore industry. As we continue to pioneer new technologies and solutions, we look forward to partnering with organizations like NKT to shape the future of offshore operations and contribute to sustainable development in coastal regions worldwide.