Lifting Basket

For safety food supply to the storage of the ‘’BOKALIFT 1’’ vessel, TME B.V. delivered a lifting basket to Royal Boskalis Westminster N.V. For a smooth supply to the vessel storage, the lifting basket will be lifted through a guiding frame that will be on the complete height of the vessel. The guiding frame is complete undone of any hooks or edges where the basket probably can be stay behind. Also the complete inside of the guiding frame is provide with sliding pads. Any contact between the lifting basket and the guiding frame can be passed without any problems.

The lifting basket with the dimensions of 1.250 x 1.075 x 2.200 mm (L x W x H)  is designed in such a way that pallets with dimensions of 1.200 x 800 (L x W) mm can be placed by a pallet truck. Both doors of the lifting basket are hinged and can be completely opened, to enable pallets to be placed from the front and the side of the basket. By an easily system the doors can be locked for safe lifting.

The lifting basket, with a weight of 600 kg, can be transported onshore with the help of a forklift truck.

With a certified third party, TME B.V. load tested at 200% of the maximum load. The lifting basket is load tested at 5.0 tons, so the basket is certified for a maximum load of 2,5 tons.


If it has not been built before, it can be built by TME.

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