Weight Compensating Ballast Blocks

For heavy lift company Biglift, TME delivered two 130 ton heavy concrete Ballast Blocks. These Ballast Blocks will be used for fast weight compensation during lifting operations.

The challenge during engineering was the compact dimension in combination with the heavy weight. The outside dimension is identical with a standard 20ft cargo container including the corner blocks for protentional connection. TME created a custom made frame with heavy steel profiles and braid-steel inside the frame.

The entire block can be lifted on special designed lifting eyes. Before TME added the concrete, the steel frame was covered with a PIRI formwork to create a strong wall which avoid collapsing of the concrete.

Inside the frame  several sensors were connected, to measure the temperature development during and after the process of adding concrete. Thereafter, the paint is added to a reliable and lifetime product.

Key facts & figures

Dimensions 6 x 2,5 x 2,5 meters
Weight 130 ton
Concrete R385 (C50/60)


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