MPP Conveyor Belts and Hopper

The Multi-Purpose Pontoon (MPP) is specifically designed to lay the gravel foundations for the Fehmarnbelt tunnel. It was recently delivered by our client CRIST S.A. to FLC. With her ability to neatly arrange the layers of gravel with centimetre precision even at great depths, the Multi-Purpose Pontoon is a gentle giant with its length of 130 meters, width of 45 meters and 17 577 gross tonnage. She can carry 19 crew members, which is enough for two work shifts. She is equipped with two large rockholds with a capacity of up to 7.000 tons of gravel each.

With pride, TME has contributed to this magnificent vessel through delivery of the rock transfer system aboard the MPP. After very early concepting works, TME was awarded with the turn-key delivery of gravel hoppers and conveyor belts for the vessel in July 2022.

Exactly one year later, the full scope was delivered, fully assembled and tested in Gdynia, Poland.


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