Deutsche Bucht Offshore Wind Farm

The Deutsche Bucht offshore wind farm is located off the German coast in the North sea. This is the first project TME has done with covers completely made out of 5mm thick seaworthy aluminium. Based on Windar’s requirements the choice for an aluminium cover was made; the TP-cover should be liftable in its whole in one movement on top of the TP, and apart from fastening to the flange, assembly free on top of the TP.

Second, the lifting eyes should be accessible by the use of the hatches, and an extra hatch was created for the use of a winch. Furthermore, the TP-cover should be able to carry the weight of 2 persons within 1m2 distance from each other. 31 sturdy aluminium TP-covers with a 6.5 meters diameter, weighting 800 kg, with a height at the centre of 1.3 meters, and in line with the requirements, was made.

To prevent fungi from growing inside the TP, the aluminium covers were equipped with ventilation. Flange hole protection and PVC brushings were used to prevent damages to the flange by the use of the TP-cover. The TP-covers were stackable, which enables efficient storage and transportation.

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Key facts & figures

Offshore Wind Farm Deutsche Bucht Offshore Wind Farm
Country Germany
Year 2018
Amount 31
Type Hard cover