Burbo Bank Extension Offshore Wind Farm

The Burbo Bank Extension, as its name says, is the extension of the already consisting Burbo Bank offshore wind farm off the coast of Liverpool in the United Kingdom. Back in 2016, Van Oord requested 34 soft covers with a diameter of 6.5 meters.

For this project, the flange had to be accessible after the installation of the TP-cover. Therefore, a removable segment was incorporated into the frame design. The cover tent was oval to make space for the removable segment, without affecting the sturdiness of the TP-cover. By this means, offshore work, with the use of the flange, could be conducted without demounting the whole TP-cover.


Key facts & figures

Offshore Wind Farm Burbo Bank Extension Offshore Wind Farm
Country United Kingdom
Year 2016
Amount 34
Type Soft cover


If it has not been built before, it can be built by TME.

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