East Anglia Offshore Wind Farm

TME delivered 43 soft covers to Windar for the project East Anglia One, in 2017. The East Anglia zone is located in the North Sea off the east coast of East Anglia in the United Kingdom. The diameter amounted almost 6 meters.

A request appointed by Windar was that the cover should stay open during cable installation, which means a frame part was removed and the hatch opened. The maximum wind speed was calculated and tested for the ‘open’ situation, to secure the sturdiness of the TP-cover and safe working conditions under particular wind speeds. The use of a navigation light on top of the TP-cover was incorporated into the design to ensure visibility offshore.

Key facts & figures

Offshore Wind Farm East Anglia Offshore Wind Farm
Country United Kingdom
Year 2017
Amount 43
Type Soft cover


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