Taranto Offshore Wind Farm

As requested by our client Van Oord, TME delivered 10 soft covers for the Taranto Offshore Project. Unfortunately, due to funding issues, the offshore wind farm was cancelled and the TP-covers were never used.

As the diameter of the cover would also fit on the Fryslân Offshore Wind Farm transition piece flanges, with some adjustments,

TME created an adapter piece to make them fit. The diameter of the cover is approximately 4.5 meters, with a height of 1 meter. The soft cover consists of a hot-dip galvanized steel frame and a canvas cover made out of 900g/m2 Panama tarpaulin fabric (PVC). Because of the materials used, a lightweight cover was created with a total weight of 250 kg each.

Key facts & figures

Offshore Wind Farm Taranto Offshore Wind Farm
Country Italy
Year 2019
Amount 10
Type Soft cover


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