Walney extension 3 and 4 Offshore Wind Farm

As mentioned on the website of Van Oord (https://walneyextension.co.uk/) the Walney Extension generates green electricity for almost 600.000 UK homes. The 87 transition pieces of the Walney extensions 3 and 4 have been protected by TME’s TP-covers.

The hybrid cover, which consists of a heptagonal-shaped aluminium framework and a 900g/m2 Panama tarpaulin fabric cover, was used for this project. This type of cover makes it easier to lift the TP-cover on the transition piece in its whole, especially as a davit crane was appointed by Van Oord for hoisting purposes. The space between the flange and the top of the TP-covers amounts 1.5 meters for this project.

For the Walney 3 extension, the 6.2 meters in diameter hybrid cover has a build-in hatch for personnel entrance. The Walney 4 extension with a flange diameter of 5.7 meters, had a more simplistic design as the cover did not need to have any hatches or be liftable by a davit crane.

Key facts & figures

Offshore Wind Farm Walney extension 3 and 4 Offshore Wind Farm
Country United Kingdom
Year 2017
Amount 87
Type Soft cover


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