Hornsea Project Two Offshore Wind Farm

TME designed a tailor-made TP-cover in cooperation with ├śrsted and DEME. The Hornsea Project Two offshore wind farm has a capacity of 1.4GW, providing green electricity to 1.3 million UK households.

The design is relatively simple, as a 900g/m2 Panama tarpaulin fabric cover is tensioned and fastened with ratchet straps to the transition piece.

The main aim of this design is to prevent guano from entering the transition piece. The 165 covers consist of three hatches to enter the TP and a water outlet at the centre of the cover to prevent water accumulation. Because of the amount of TP-covers, ease of installation was one of the priorities; the TP-cover installation takes only 30 minutes with 2 people, disassembly can even be done faster.

Key facts & figures

Offshore Wind Farm Hornsea Project Two Offshore Wind Farm
Country United Kingdom
Year 2020
Amount 165
Type Flat Soft Cover


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